Kobelco RK500-2 Hijau Rough Terrain Crane Specifications

If you are looking for information about the specifications of the Kobelco RK500-2 Rough Terrain Crane, this is the data including Max. Boom Length, Max. Lifting Capacity, Jib Length and others.

One of the interesting advantages is that the Kobelco RK500-2 has a maximum lifting capacity of 51 tons with a radius of 2.9 meters.

Kobelco RK500-2 Rough Terrain Crane
Kobelco RK500-2 Rough Terrain Crane (Pic: www.totalcrane.co.id).

Rough Terrain Crane Kobelco RK500-2:

Max. Boom Length: 39m.
Max. Lifting Capacity: 51t x 2.9m.
Jib Length: 9m – 15m

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